Sunsetting Android and UberStrike HD for Mac & Windows

Friday 7th June, 2013

Dear Community,

It's been an incredible feat to deliver the same experience to players all over the globe through the browser, HD clients for Mac & Windows and more recently Android & iPad.

We have some sad news, though: supporting so many platforms is putting stress on our ability to build new features as fast as we'd like for you, our players. Today, we'd like to announce that we're officially sunsetting the Android, Mac & Windows Apps.

You can still play in your browser on & on iPad where we're working hard on a bunch of new features for UberStrike 4.4 to be released in the coming weeks including over 100 bug fixes, 12 new gear sets and 12 new weapons.

One of our favourite things in the world is getting feedback on our forum & facebook fan page about new features we've killed ourselves to put out. We're looking forward to delivering the best experience we can faster than ever in the future.

We've also put together a short FAQ below that should answer any questions you have.

Thanks for playing.

See you in-game. - Team Cmune


Q: Why can I still see the App for download?

A: The App Stores can take a few days for all changes to propogate worldwide. If you already have a client installed you can still use it to play until we release UberStrike 4.4 in a few weeks time.

Q: Why not simply leave the old apps running and stop updating?

A: UberStrike is powered by a platform that needs to be maintained in parallel to the game. This same platform contains the magic that allows you to use the same account across multiple channels.

Q: Will you relaunch the Android app later?

A: Yes! Android has gone back to the labs and will return better than ever in the future.

Q: Will you relaunch the Mac and Windows apps later?

A: We're currently working on porting the HD experience to the browser so have currently have no plans to re-launch.

Q: Will the browser-based performance be the same as the Mac & Windows native clients?

A: Depending on your CPU, GPU & RAM you may see a performance difference. We hope to integrate multithreaded rendering in the web player in future which will improve performance further.

Q: Help! Where are my Points and Credits?

A: Don't worry! You can access your account and play in your browser at or on iPad. Just use the same username and password or use Facebook Connect.

Q: I can only play on Android. What about me?

A: Android is back in the workshop for the next few major releases so please sit tight! In the meanwhile, you can use your account on or on iPad. If you bought Credits via the Google Play Store and would like a refund please contact us for help.

Q: My question isn't here.

A: That's not a question! Contact us via our support portal and we'll get back to you.